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Meditate & Therapy

Therapy-Enriched Meditation with The Bilateral Method

Discover the path to mental wellness and emotional resilience.

We have combined EMDR principles with meditation, to boost your mental well being journey. Experience deep meditations that encourage peace and develop mental healing for transformative personal growth

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What are Safe space Meditations?

Imagine EMDR safe space meditations as both a gentle gardening session that clears the weeds of your mental landscape AND a peaceful holiday for your thoughts. 


In essence, EMDR safe space meditations offer a unique combination of healing and respite, a mental vacation that leaves you feeling centered and strong.


Discover the power of EMDR meditation and unlock a healthier and happier life. Our unique approach combines mindfulness, eye movement, and self-reflection to help you overcome past traumas, reduce stress, improve sleep, and enhance overall well-being.


Trauma Healing


Stress Reduction


Improved Sleep


Enhanced Well-being

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