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WELCOME to mindcalmr

Take a step towards achieving mindfulness and calmness with MindCalmr. Our EMDR meditation content is designed to help you decrease stress and anxiety, and increase your inner peace and happiness. Explore our site and see how we can help you achieve your mindfulness goals.


Welcome to MindCalmr, your go-to destination for mental wellness. Our mission is to help people reduce stress, anxiety and depression by incorporating holistic approaches such as Bilateral Panning (used in EMDR Therapy). Our podcast offers a variety of meditation options designed to suit different types of people and their needs.

WHY USE Bilateral Meditation?

Our guided meditations are specifically designed to activate both sides of the brain, resulting in a powerful and deeply relaxing experience. We understand that finding time for self-care can be challenging, which is why we’ve created programs that can be easily integrated into your daily routine. Try bilateral meditation today and unlock a new level of relaxation.

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Damien, Melbourne

I have found this program to be an insightful intriduction and guide into this therapy. As an adjunct to an established program of meditation or just by itself, it can assist with visualisations, trauma healing and other uses.

Pinni, Melbourne

What a unique amazing therapeutic experience. The results are just incredible!

Rosemary, Melbourne

The EMDR sessions with Boaz have been literally mind blowing. I am experiencing on going changes in my emotional response to the world , together with insights into my personal growth and development. The physical changes in my body have been profound with pain resolution, better breathing and a boost in energy.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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MindCalmr's New site is Coming Soon

We're upgrading our website to offer specialized EMDR meditations for stress, anxiety, sleep improvement, and more. Soon, you'll have the resources to take the first steps towards a calmer, healthier you.

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